Week 6 2/19/2018

I got my bisque ware off the shelves and they turned out nice. One of the fat/short vases turned out very smooth and soft. I put two more items on the cart to get bisqued, but I didn’t apply any slip to those.

Last class when I threw a lid for a pot I made, it unfortunately got bone dry before I had the chance to trim it and give it a lip to sit inside the bowl. I think my plan is to make a lip for it to perfectly fit inside the pot, fire all 3, and then glue together the lid and lip. I’m not sure if this will work, but I like the lid too much to toss it and it sits perfectly on my pot. Last class, I also made a coffee mug and made a handle for it. The coffee mug I threw and the handle I shaped with my hands. I wish I would have done something a little better for the handle, because now both pieces are bone dry and I can’t correct it.


IMG_3708Currently, I’m woking on my vases, still having trouble making them tall. I made one decent vase today in class. While I was throwing the other one it got so thin that it fell apart outwards like a plate. I’m assuming I just need a lot more clay if I want to make these taller.


Week 5 2/12/18

I’ve continued throwing my pots/bowls. I managed to apply slip on to 4 pots/bowls and had them bisque. One turned out really nice, the others had some pores, so the slip was unable to cover the entire surface. Therefore, there appears to be a lot of holes on my bowls/pots. I think this was a result from not either sanding them down or better smoothing them out while I was throwing or trimming. I am still having some difficulty trimming. I still think its just the centering on my pots are a tad off, so when I go to trim everything is a tad off. Also today when I tried trimming some bowls/pots, they kept popping off the wheel. I think that might have been because they were getting too dry.

Last class I was working on my vases and I ended up getting one decent vase! It’s not the size I was going for, but it still cute and looks pretty good. I also created a happy accident vase. While I was trying to make it taller, my clay was getting thinner. This resulted in the clay collapsing on itself and making two ripples at the top. I kind of enjoy the way it looks, so I decided to keep it. I’ll probably use that one for the first project kiln.



Week 4 2/5/2018

For the first project I decided to focus on creating bowls and vases. It has been a couple years since I’ve thrown, so I really wanted to practice that by throwing my pots and vases. I’m starting off by throwing a few basic style pots. The first pot I threw turned out pretty decent, the trimming however was a little difficult. I assume while I was trimming the pot, since it was not perfectly centered when I threw it, that resulted in the centering of the trimming to be a tad off.

Into the next week I started on some vases. I found it difficult when I started to shape them at the top. As I would pull the top up, it wasn’t staying even. So this resulted me in having to trim off a tall chuck from the top opening. My vases so far are coming out wide and very short. I’m going to continue to try to make the top part longer, to replicate the look of a vase.

After throwing some of the potential vases, some came out with a wide opening. I think I’m going to turn those into a pot with a lid. For example the red clay pot, I’ll be throwing a lid for that one.

This pot was my first one I threw.

These are my attempts at a vase.