Week 4/16/18

Last week I bisque my coffee cups. They turned out nice, now I’m trying to decide which kiln I want to put them into. I also got back 3 pots I had put in the regular 10 cone kiln and they turned out really nice. One put I glazed, the color turned out beautiful. It’s a purple and orangish color. However, that one did drip a lot and ran down the side, so today in class I’ll be shaving the sides down so they aren’t sharp and look a little cleaner.

All 6 of my pots, cups, and vases turned out really great from the soda kiln! Below are my two favorite in color. They turned out bright color combination, that is different from what I usually get in a regular cone 10 kiln.

My other three have a really lovely settle color to them. I think they all turned out great! I am very happy with the turn out of all of them.

I think I will definitely put maybe one or two of my coffee mugs into the soda kiln. I am also eager to see how the wood kiln pieces I put in are going to turn out. I put about 5 on the cart for that kiln last week.


Week 4/9/2018

Last week I glazed a few pots, that were put into the soda kiln and fired on Wednesday. So far I only got two back out of the five pots, but the rest will be loaded and fired today. However, the two that did it fired turned out really nice. I left one of my pots without a slip and the result was a nice dark brown color. The second pot that was fired turned out beautiful. The color is a lovely green shade and consistent over the entire pot.

This week we are working on firing the wood kiln and I have a few pots to put into that one. Today I will be putting slip the pots I want to load in that kiln. I’ll be loading some coffee mugs, bowls, and small vases.


Week 3/5/18

Last Monday we loaded the pit fire and I put 5 pieces in and they turned out pretty neat. Two of my pieces came out really black, and I enjoy the look they got. I placed them in the very bottom of the pit, so I assume that’s why they got so black. I also used a white slip on them as well, which could have been a factor in the color getting so dark.



On my other three I used terra sig. They did not get as black on the first two did. I’m sure if that is because of where I placed them in the pit or if it was a result from the color slip I put on. On the inside of one of my bowls however, received that black color.


My other two bowls/cup didn’t really change much in color. I’ll probably be putting them back into the pit today for a second firing. I’ll place them on the very bottom, like I did for the first two pots shown above. The middle bowl I did not put a slip on, I wanted to experiment with how it would turn out just being bisque. Also the cup on the far right, I placed it inside a larger clay piece, and that probably had a reason for it not getting much color change. The image below will show all five of my pots together.


Last class I also bisque the rest of my pots and put a slip on one of my vases to be put in the pit fire today, along with re-firing my other pieces.

Week 7 2/19/2018

Last week I unfortunately got pink eye, so I was unable to make anything. But on Monday, I worked on my vases some more and loaded two pots on the cart to be bisque. I’m eager to see how they turned out! I also threw a couple vases and bowls, and I think they turned out really nicely. I kept them covered, but since it will be a week later since I was sick, I’m afraid it will be bone dry.

Today I will be working on some pots for the next project. I want to try and make some coffee cups and espresso cups. So far I made one of each. The handle on the coffee cup did not turn out right. I wasn’t sure how to make the handle replicate the style of the thrown mug, so it turned out really cracked and ugly. I put the handle on my mug and now they are both bone dry. So there’s not much more I can do to fix that one now, but that was my first attempt out of many. Also my small espresso mug became bone dry before I was even able to make a handle for it, so now I’ll probably just use it as a small dish for something.




Week 6 2/19/2018

I got my bisque ware off the shelves and they turned out nice. One of the fat/short vases turned out very smooth and soft. I put two more items on the cart to get bisqued, but I didn’t apply any slip to those.

Last class when I threw a lid for a pot I made, it unfortunately got bone dry before I had the chance to trim it and give it a lip to sit inside the bowl. I think my plan is to make a lip for it to perfectly fit inside the pot, fire all 3, and then glue together the lid and lip. I’m not sure if this will work, but I like the lid too much to toss it and it sits perfectly on my pot. Last class, I also made a coffee mug and made a handle for it. The coffee mug I threw and the handle I shaped with my hands. I wish I would have done something a little better for the handle, because now both pieces are bone dry and I can’t correct it.


IMG_3708Currently, I’m woking on my vases, still having trouble making them tall. I made one decent vase today in class. While I was throwing the other one it got so thin that it fell apart outwards like a plate. I’m assuming I just need a lot more clay if I want to make these taller.


Week 5 2/12/18

I’ve continued throwing my pots/bowls. I managed to apply slip on to 4 pots/bowls and had them bisque. One turned out really nice, the others had some pores, so the slip was unable to cover the entire surface. Therefore, there appears to be a lot of holes on my bowls/pots. I think this was a result from not either sanding them down or better smoothing them out while I was throwing or trimming. I am still having some difficulty trimming. I still think its just the centering on my pots are a tad off, so when I go to trim everything is a tad off. Also today when I tried trimming some bowls/pots, they kept popping off the wheel. I think that might have been because they were getting too dry.

Last class I was working on my vases and I ended up getting one decent vase! It’s not the size I was going for, but it still cute and looks pretty good. I also created a happy accident vase. While I was trying to make it taller, my clay was getting thinner. This resulted in the clay collapsing on itself and making two ripples at the top. I kind of enjoy the way it looks, so I decided to keep it. I’ll probably use that one for the first project kiln.