Week 4/30/18


Today we had our last class and critique. Over the course of this semester we had three projects. First was our pit firing, then the soda firing, and lastly the wood kiln. Out of the three projects, the soda firing was my favorite. The colors I got from that firing turned out really nice. I enjoyed the celadon the most, so most my pots had that glaze on it. One of my pots however turned out very colorful. It looked almost like northern lights. Today I pulled out two more items from the cart that I enjoyed as well. IMG_4073

I also really enjoyed out the wood kiln pots turned out as well. They looked similar to the soda colors I got. One of my large pots got this really nice color affect on it, that I really enjoy.

This ceramics class was a lot of fun. I really focused on my throwing, because that’s what I enjoy most from ceramics. I tried a couple pots by hand building but did not enjoy them as much as I do with throwing. I’m a very precise person when it comes to my art. I like my items to be straight, by the books, neat type of designs. So with some of my pots, I tried straying from that and not putting a pretty glaze or making a perfect pot. I honestly still enjoyed the outcome of those as well.


Week 4/23/18

This week is our last class week. We unloaded the wood kiln and my pieces turned out very nice. I was actually shocked by the turn out. I thought my pots would look more like the how the pit fire looked, but the color glaze I applied had a really beautiful affect. I thought I put more pots in, but unfortunately only retrieved two pots and a lid. I was sad to find out that one of my mugs I put in, that I won’t actually be able to use. Apparently with it being a wood firing, that makes it unsafe. So my next plan, is to hopefully find something I can glaze the mug with entirely that will allow it to become safe for use. This mug was one of my favorites because of the size, but I wasn’t too happy about the handle. I made the handle before I learned how to properly make one. But I’m still pleased with my work.

On our last class day, we cleaned the wood kiln and entire outdoor kiln area. That took us the entire class day on Wednesday. I also put a couple more pots on the soda cart to be fired because I enjoyed that look so much.


Week 4/16/18

Last week I bisque my coffee cups. They turned out nice, now I’m trying to decide which kiln I want to put them into. I also got back 3 pots I had put in the regular 10 cone kiln and they turned out really nice. One put I glazed, the color turned out beautiful. It’s a purple and orangish color. However, that one did drip a lot and ran down the side, so today in class I’ll be shaving the sides down so they aren’t sharp and look a little cleaner.

All 6 of my pots, cups, and vases turned out really great from the soda kiln! Below are my two favorite in color. They turned out bright color combination, that is different from what I usually get in a regular cone 10 kiln.

My other three have a really lovely settle color to them. I think they all turned out great! I am very happy with the turn out of all of them.

I think I will definitely put maybe one or two of my coffee mugs into the soda kiln. I am also eager to see how the wood kiln pieces I put in are going to turn out. I put about 5 on the cart for that kiln last week.

Week 4/9/2018

Last week I glazed a few pots, that were put into the soda kiln and fired on Wednesday. So far I only got two back out of the five pots, but the rest will be loaded and fired today. However, the two that did it fired turned out really nice. I left one of my pots without a slip and the result was a nice dark brown color. The second pot that was fired turned out beautiful. The color is a lovely green shade and consistent over the entire pot.

This week we are working on firing the wood kiln and I have a few pots to put into that one. Today I will be putting slip the pots I want to load in that kiln. I’ll be loading some coffee mugs, bowls, and small vases.


Week 3/5/18

Last Monday we loaded the pit fire and I put 5 pieces in and they turned out pretty neat. Two of my pieces came out really black, and I enjoy the look they got. I placed them in the very bottom of the pit, so I assume that’s why they got so black. I also used a white slip on them as well, which could have been a factor in the color getting so dark.



On my other three I used terra sig. They did not get as black on the first two did. I’m sure if that is because of where I placed them in the pit or if it was a result from the color slip I put on. On the inside of one of my bowls however, received that black color.


My other two bowls/cup didn’t really change much in color. I’ll probably be putting them back into the pit today for a second firing. I’ll place them on the very bottom, like I did for the first two pots shown above. The middle bowl I did not put a slip on, I wanted to experiment with how it would turn out just being bisque. Also the cup on the far right, I placed it inside a larger clay piece, and that probably had a reason for it not getting much color change. The image below will show all five of my pots together.


Last class I also bisque the rest of my pots and put a slip on one of my vases to be put in the pit fire today, along with re-firing my other pieces.

Week 7 2/19/2018

Last week I unfortunately got pink eye, so I was unable to make anything. But on Monday, I worked on my vases some more and loaded two pots on the cart to be bisque. I’m eager to see how they turned out! I also threw a couple vases and bowls, and I think they turned out really nicely. I kept them covered, but since it will be a week later since I was sick, I’m afraid it will be bone dry.

Today I will be working on some pots for the next project. I want to try and make some coffee cups and espresso cups. So far I made one of each. The handle on the coffee cup did not turn out right. I wasn’t sure how to make the handle replicate the style of the thrown mug, so it turned out really cracked and ugly. I put the handle on my mug and now they are both bone dry. So there’s not much more I can do to fix that one now, but that was my first attempt out of many. Also my small espresso mug became bone dry before I was even able to make a handle for it, so now I’ll probably just use it as a small dish for something.